A.X.L 2018 Full Movie Free Download

21 Dec

A.X.L 2018 Full Movie Free Download
Genre: Sci-Fi
Director: Oliver Daly
Writer: Oliver Daly
Stars: Thomas Jane, Becky G, Dominic Rains
Country: USA
Language: English

A.X.L (Attack, Exploration, Logistics) is a robotic dog loaded with next-generation artificial intelligence created by scientist to help the future soldiers. After an experiment gone wrong, A.X.L is found living in desert with Miles (Alex Neustaedter), with whom he built strong bond. A.X.L can go to any extent to save miles from scientist who created him. A.X.L is captured by its maker and Miles team up with Sara (Becky G) to bring back the dog safely.


A.X.L 2018 Full Movie Free Download Openload 1080p

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