Allied 2016 Full HD Movie Download

24 Dec

Allied 2016Allied 2016 Full HD Movie Download

Genre:Action, Drama, Romance
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Writer: Steven Knight
Stars: Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard, Jared Harris

Allied 2016 is latest Action,Drama and Romantic movie featuring Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard and Jared Harris.Robert Zemeckis is the director and screenplay written by Steven Knight.Brad Pitt is playing the role of Max Vatan and Marion Cotillard is seen playing Marianne Beausejour. Other actors are Jared Harris,Simon McBurney,Daniel Betts,Lizzy Caplan and Marion Bailey.

Allied movie tells the story of Intelligence officer Max Vatan and a French Spy Marianne Beausejour. Both of them have a common mission in enemies land.The year is 1942 and it is the era of World War two.After completing the mission,they fall into love with each other and decides to marry each other.They starts their life in London and soon they gave birth to a baby.Things are going very smooth,unless the World war 2 comes to the London City.The land below the feet of Max shakes when his high ranking officer tells him that his wife is a German spy.Max does not believe it but also is not fully sure about it.They tell Max to find out the secret about it and execute her is she is a spy or they will kill her.They gave him 72 hours to get the work done.Max has now only three days left to prove his wife innocent and get back his happy life.

Most of the film Allied has been filmed in United Kingdom by GK Films, Huahua Film Media Culture and ImageMovers companies.This is fourth world war movie of Brad Pitt.His last three movies were Inglourious Basterds (2009), Beyond All Boundaries (2009) and Fury (2014).His character in the movie is French-Canadian.Brad Pitt and Jared Harris are working together for the third time.Robert Zemeckis is directing his 18th film with Allied.


Allied 2016 Full HD Movie Download

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