Atomic Blonde 2017 Full Movie Download

2 Nov

Atomic Blonde 2017 Full Movie DownloadAtomic Blonde 2017 Full Movie Download

Genre:Action, Mystery, Thriller
Director: David Leitch
Writers: Kurt Johnstad , Antony Johnston
Stars: Sofia Boutella, Charlize Theron, James McAvoy
Runtime: 115 min

Movie is set at the time of Cold War,where MI6 agent is on a mission to Berlin to investigate the killing of colleague and to also recover a list containing the names of double agents.Atomic Blonde is like a female version of John Wick.

Year 1989, Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) is a undercover British intelligence agency MI6 agent,known for her deadly and impressive hand to hand combat.She is called by Her supervisor ( John Goodman ),where Gray (Toby Jones) tells him about the murder of James Gascoine. James was the fellow agent of Lorraine and was in a strong relationship with her.The person who killed him,is now want to murder others operatives of MI6,CIA and French intelligence.

Lorraine is sent to Berlin to find out who is hunting down the operatives.Here she meets David Percival (James McAvoy) and Delphine (Sofia Boutella) Рa french operative,who will help in this mission. She gets closer to Delphine but she is killed too. Lorraine is being cheated by some one inside the MI6. The clock is ticking fast and she needs to find out the killer before everyone ends up dead.Best place online to download action movies in 720p bluray quality free of cost.


Atomic Blonde 2017 Full Movie Download

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