Beauty and the Beast 2017 Full Movie Download

19 Oct

Beauty and the Beast 2017 Full Movie DownloadBeauty and the Beast 2017 Full Movie Download

Genre:Family, Fantasy, Musical
Director: Bill Condon
Writers: Stephen Chbosky, Evan Spiliotopoulos
Stars: Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Dan Stevens

Beauty and the Beast Movie is a adaptation of famous novel by Walt Disney by the same name.In the story we have a young girl who falls in love with a monstrous looking Prince. Bill Condon is the director of the film and main roles are played by Emma Watson, Luke Evans and Dan Stevens.It is a live action remake of animation movie of the same name released in 1991.Shooting of the film started in Surrey, England in May, 2015.It will be released in 3D,Real 3D and Imax.David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman are the producers of the film.Music director is Alan Menken. He has also composed the music for the movie in 1991.Walt Disney Studios and Motion Pictures will be distributing the film in worldwide cinemas.

Plot: A young prince is cursed by a beggar,when he refuses to give shelter to beggar in his castle.He transforms the prince into a beast.She also gave a mirror to the prince in which he can see the distant future.Prince can reverse the spell before his 21st birthday and to do so he needs to make someone fall in love with him.

Ten years have passed and a man named Maurice (Kevin Kline) accidentally gets into the castle while getting lost in the Jungle.Prince captures the Maurice.Maurice has a young daughter named Belle (Emma Watson).When she comes to know about father,she decides to go to castle and rescue her father.Beast (Dan Stevens) agrees to free her father but in return he want Belle to be prisoner instead of her father.She gets agree.Soon Belle gets emotionally attached to the members of castle and also to the inner Prince within the Beast.Things get turn,when Gaston (Luke Evans) comes to hunt down the beast at any cost and take Belle with him,who he was set to marry once and Belle refused.Now he is back to take Belle with him forcefully.

Ryan Gosling was offered the role of Beast but he refused the role as he was busy with his movie La La Land.Emma Watson is working for the Disney for the first time.She was last seen in movies like Regression ,Noah ,The Bling Ring and The Harry Potter Series.Best way to enjoy this movie is to have Beauty and the Beast 2017 Full Movie Download at home in full hd quality and watch it with your loved ones at the comfort of your home.


Beauty and the Beast 2017 Full Movie Download

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