Beirut 2018 Full Free Movie Download

16 Jun

Beirut 2018 Full Free Movie DownloadDirector: Brad Anderson
Writer: Tony Gilroy
Stars: Rosamund Pike, Jon Hamm, Shea Whigham
Country: USA
Language: English

Mason Skiles (Jon Hamm) is 45 year old man who used to work as U.S. diplomat in Beirut. He left his job when his wife was killed by the terrorist group. He is recalled for a job in Beirut to rescue an American who was abducted in the west Beirut. Terrorist group responsible for the abduction has asked for Mason specifically to make a deal. Things get more shocking when he comes to know that the person taken hostage is his old friend Cal Riley (Mark Pellegrino).

CIA send Mason to negotiate with the terrorists and CIA agent Sandy Crowder (Rosamund Pike) is assigned to keep Mason alive and ensure mission is successful. Terrorists demands returning of one their jihadi named the Rafid Abu Rajal, responsible for terror attacks like Munich Olympic, Madrid and Flight 305 leaving forty six people dead. This may be the same man who killed Mason’s wife 10 years ago. Mason has only six hours to settle down the things. Beirut 2018 Full Free Movie Download or more 2018 Hollywood movies download without any membership plans from our website.


Beirut 2018 Full Free Movie Download

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