Download Ghost in the Shell 2017 Full Movie

6 Jul

Download Ghost in the Shell 2017 Full MovieDownload Ghost in the Shell 2017 Full HD Movie 720p

Genre:Action, Crime, Drama
Director: Rupert Sanders
Writers: Jamie Moss, Masamune Shirow
Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Michael Pitt, Rila Fukushima
Country: USA
Language: English

Full length feature film Ghost in the Shell is based on a Japanese manga of 1991 of the same name written by Masamune Shirow. Ghost in the Shell film is set in year 2029. The era of modern technology consist of dirty cops,bad companies and hackers.Technology is at its peak and computers are controlling everything that includes even the human brain with the help of neural implants. Hackers – the new terrorists,can get any kind of information about any person using this technology also known as “Brain Hacking”.Crime against any person is at its lowest level.

Task force is created to take a dig on these terrorists and stop the further control of humans.Here we meet Major (Scarlett Johansson).She has been saved from a severe crash and now has been turned into a highly valuable cyber soldier.She is the only one of her kind.She is assigned the task to get to those hackers,who are controlling human minds and stop their functioning.During this time she has no clue of her past and wants to find out about her past.She soon comes to know that all she knows about her is all lie and she is a part of big conspiracy, that will turn all humans into cyber humans like her.She has been implanted with a chip that has replaced her brain fully.Due to this high level of cyberization,her brain can handle any kind of attack by the hackers.Now she needs to find out the person who is responsible for all this and stop them for doing this to other humans. Enjoy more action free movies download at home in HD 720p and 1080p blu ray rips with direct links.


Download Ghost in the Shell 2017 Full Movie

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