Download Goon Last of the Enforcers 2017 Full Movie

22 Sep

Goon Last of the Enforcers 2017 full movie download

Genre: Comedy,Sports
Director: Jay Baruchel
Writers: Jay Baruchel and Jesse Chabot
Stars: Liev Schreiber, Elisha Cuthbert, Alison Pill and Seann William Scott

Seann William Scott is back with the second part of famous comedy movie Goon.The title of the new film is Goon Last of the Enforcers.This time he is joined by famous Hollywood celebrities like Liev Schreiber and Elisha Cuthbert. Movie is written and directed by Jay Baruchel. It follows story after the first Goon movie, in which a Bouncer leads the team of misfit hockey players to win an important series.Movie is about a hockey game and teams are of The Thug’s (Seann William Scott) team and the Halifax Highlanders.Both the teams are reunited with new players to set up a new comedy film.

Goon Last of the Enforcers has been filmed in Ontario, Canada.We will get to see the NHL players Michael Del Zotto (Philadelphia Flyers) and Tyler Seguin (Dallas Stars) in the film.Both of them are real life NHL players.Our female lead Elisha Cutbert has been married to the Dion Phaneuf, who is a national hockey player and plays for Ottawa Senators.Jay Baruchel and TJ Millers has worked together on Hollywood movies like How to train your dragon series,She is out of my League and Race to the witch Mountain.This is their fifth movie together.


Download Goon Last of the Enforcers 2017 Full Movie

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