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10 May

The Great Wall 2016Download The Great Wall 2016 Full Movie

Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Director: Zhang Yimou
Writers: Max Brooks, Edward Zwick
Stars: Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe
Country: China and USA
Language: English

The Great Wall film as the name suggest is a movie about the great wall of chine and it explores the reason for its creation and other mysterious related to it.Zhang Yimou is the director and screenplay is created by Max Brooks and Edward Zwick.Matt Damon is playing the lead role of William Garin. Other supporting roles have been played by Pedro Pascal as Pero Tovar,Tian Jing as Commander Lin Mei and Numan Acar as Najid.It is filmed in the locations of Qingdao, China.Estimated cost for the movie is set around $135,000,000 under the production of Legendary East, Atlas Entertainment and Kava Productions.

William Garin along with his partner Pero Tovar is searching for an powerful weapon.Nobody has seen the weapon ever.During the journey they get into the empire of Commander Lin Mei. Commander Lin Mei arrests both of them and send them to prison.William tries to convince Lin by saying that they are traders but she is not convinced.The kingdom is attacked by a mysterious flying giant and Willian is shocked to see it.To save the people,they are making a huge wall that will separate the kingdom from Demon.William agrees to help Lin to fight against this mysterious identity.Soon they come to know that its not just one creature but thousands of them are coming to kill them.

The Great Wall will tell the world,the reason behind creating such a huge wall.It is one of the most expensive film made by Chinese cinema.Thomas Tull and Charles Roven are the producers of the movie.Music is composed by Ramin Djawadi. It will be distributed by Universal pictures in the cinemas worldwide along with its satellite premier rights.Chinese audience wanted to give the lead role to an Chinese actor but director refused it as he want to give the movie worldwide popularity to this movie.Download The Great Wall 2016 Full Movie or more action movies for free in 720p and 1080p blu ray quality rips in mkv,avi and mp4 formats without any membership.




Download The Great Wall 2016 Full Movie

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