Download A Kind of Murder 2016 Full Movie

4 Mar

A Kind of Murder 2016Download A Kind of Murder 2016 Full Movie

Genre:Drama, Thriller
Director: Andy Goddard
Writers: Susan Boyd, Patricia Highsmith
Stars: Haley Bennett, Jessica Biel, Patrick Wilson

A Kind of Murder 2016 is a Drama and Thriller movie featuring Haley Bennett, Jessica Biel and Patrick Wilson.Haley Bennett is seen as Ellie,Jessica Biel as Clara Stackhouse,Patrick Wilson as Walter Stackhouse,Vincent Kartheiser as Detective Lawrence Corby and Eddie Marsan as Kimmel. Other supporting actors are Corrie Danieley,Radek Lord and Michelle Poole.Andy Goddard is responsible for Andy Goddard and screenplay written by Susan Boyd.Story is inspired by the novel written by Patricia Highsmith.

A Kind of Murder is set in 1960 in New York.Clara and Walter are husband and wife.Walter Stackhouse is a wealthy man but not happy with his life.His wife is beautiful but damaged.He wished his wife to be dead and is obsessed with the man named Kimmel. Kimmel murders his own wife.Walter is also attracted to other woman and wants to cheat on his wife.He want his wife dead and plans to get rid of her. One day, Clara is found dead and all eyes get on his husband.Nobody is sure if Walter has killed Clara.A ruthless cop is given the work to investigate the case and wants to nail the killer in any possible way.

A Kind of Murder has been filmed in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA by Killer Films .Jessica Biel was pregnant during the time of shooting.Patrick Wilson and Jessica Biel has worked together in the movie The A-Team (2010).By looking at the trailer,it looks like a cheap low budget movie but its story is very thrilling and is must watch movie for Jessica Biel fans.She is not doing much of movies and was last seen in Bleeding Heart and Accidental Love.She will be also seen in upcomg movie The Book of Love. Patrick Wilson was last seen in horror movie The Conjuring 2.


Download A Kind of Murder 2016 Full Movie

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