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4 Jul

Download The Promise 2017 Full MovieFilm shows the last days of Ottoman Empire.We have three main characters in love triangle that include American journalist named Chris,Beautiful girl Ana and medical student named Michael.Movie is said to be based on true story.

Year is 1914 in Constantinople.Constantinople is a great city with modern cars imported from America and people from big cities like Paris living there.A young medical student Mikael Pogosian (Oscar Isaac) falls in love with Ana (Charlotte Le Bon).Ana is in love with a Journalist named Chris (Christian Bale).Chris is a star reporter for the associated press.Ana is a Armenian girl who used to live in Paris.Things were good until the World War 1 is initiated by Germans.The city becomes dangerous for Armenian people as the Turkey government started slaughtering them.Ottoman people see it as an opportunity to restore the great Ottoman empire again.Ana and Michael now needs to get out of the country in order to save their lives.

The Promise is the first and biggest Hollywood movie to be made on the atrocity with big stars like Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac.and is financed by Kirk Kerkorian. Kirk Kerkorian are the survivals from the genocide.The movie shows how loves takes a back seat during this genocide.It also shows the compromises made by Armenians during the world war first.It is generally a melodrama film with impressive story and nice soundtracks.Film has already been premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival of 2016. You can Download The Promise 2017 Full Movie or stream, watch online in full HD quality along with other free movie downloads 2017 with fast speed.

Genre:Drama, History
Director: Terry George
Writers: Terry George, Robin Swicord
Stars: Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale, Shohreh Aghdashloo
Country: Spain
Language: English


Download The Promise 2017 Full Movie

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