Download The Red Turtle 2016 Full Movie

13 Dec

The Red Turtle 2016Download The Red Turtle 2016 Full Movie

Genre:Animation, Fantasy
Director: Michael Dudok de Wit
Writers: Michael Dudok de Wit, Pascale Ferran
Runtime: 80 min

The Red Turtle is Latest animation and fantasy movie directed by Michael Dudok de Wit.Story of the film is written by Michael Dudok de Wit and screenplay writer is Pascale Ferran. Original title of the film is La tortue rouge. This is director’s first feature film.Wild Bunch and Studio Ghibli are co producing the film.The film was premiered in Cannes Film Festival 2016 and is a movie without any dialogue.Story is about a man who gets stranded on island and meet a red turtle after his ship gets wrecked.

The story of the movie The Red Turtle is very interesting.We find a man drifted to an deserted island after his ship gets wrecked.On this island he has fresh water and many other animals.Island is full of Bamboo trees.The man makes a raft out of these bamboos but a unseen animal destroys the raft.Man makes another raft but again it is destroyed by same unseen animal.For the thrid time man makes a raft and comes to know about the red turtle that comes to destroys the raft for the third time.This time man hits the turtle and turtle dies.Man takes the shell of turtle and feels guilty and see that turtle transforms into a woman. Woman gets into the island and man follows her.Both of them falls into a relation ship and gave birth to a child.This child grows up on the island and one day tsunami hits the island and destroys everything.After this child bids farewell to his parents. Both man and woman gets older together on the island,till one day the man dies and woman turns into turtle again and gets into the ocean.

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Download The Red Turtle 2016 Full Movie

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