Download The Strangers 2 2016 Full Movie

24 Oct

The Strangers 2 2016Download The Strangers 2 2016 Full Movie

Director: Marcel Langenegger
Writers: Bryan Bertino, Ben Ketai

The Strangers 2 is latest Horror movie and sequel to the horror movie of the same name.It is directed by Marcel Langenegger and story written by Bryan Bertino and Ben Ketai. According to IMDB,its estimated budget is $12,500,000.Intrepid Pictures, Mandate Pictures, Relativity Media are the media companies financing this movie.First part was released in 2008 and was good movie and earned good profits on box office.Its second part was announced in 2009 but it took a long time to complete and release the second part.Roy Lee is the producer for the film.

The film The Strangers 2 story follows the first part.Four members of the family are evicted from their house and gets a visit from three strangers as seen in the first film.They have been evicted due to economic problems. Liv Tyler will be again playing the role of Kristen McKay.Although he will be playing a small role only.The three strangers will be same from the original movie.Three strangers makes the life more difficult for them.

The Strangers 2 will be one of the biggest horror movie to be released in 2016 along with movie Rings.Those who forgot,The Strangers 2008 movie was featuring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman. They were a couple living at a n isolated place and are attacked by three masked strangers.Second part is being delayed due to financial problems.


Download The Strangers 2 2016 Full Movie

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