Download Why Him 2016 Full Movie

18 Oct

Why Him 2016Download Why Him 2016 Full Movie

Director: John Hamburg
Writers: Jonah Hill, John Hamburg
Stars: Zoey Deutch, Bryan Cranston, James Franco

Why Him is a Latest comedy movie and a gift for Christmas by director John Hamburg.Story is written by Jonah Hill and John Hamburg.Zoey Deutch, Bryan Cranston and James Franco are the main stars of the film.Bryan Cranston is the main star from famous TV show called Breaking Bad.He has worked on serious projects most of his career and Why him is rare comedy movie featuring him.James Franco and Zoey Deutch has worked in many comedy movies in past.Zoey Deutch is playing the role of Stephanie Fleming,Bryan Cranston as Ned Fleming and James Franco as Laird Mayhew. Other supporting characters has been played by Megan Mullally,Adam Devine,Casey Wilson and Keegan-Michael Key.

Why Him revolves around the relationship between the Father,daughter and daughter’s boy friend.Stephanie Fleming is daughter of Ned Fleming and is in love with Laird Mayhew. Ned is loving but an overprotective father.Her daughter is working at Stanford.During the holidays, Fleming family plans to make a visit to their daughter’s college.Upon reaching there Ned discovers his biggest nightmare.He meets the Laird,a billionaire from silicon valley, who is dating Stephanie.Ned does not like him at all and feels lost in the glamorous high-tech world.He develops a big rivalry with him and with wants him to go away from his daughter’s life.

Why Him has been filmed in Los Angeles, California, USA by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Red Hour Films and 21 Laps Entertainment.The movie has been inspired from Television show aired in UK by the name of Cuckoo.To spend a funny and loving time with your family and loved ones on Christmas eve,this movie is the best choice.Fans of Bryan Cranston will see him in a quite different role as played by him in his past movies.He was last seen in the movie The Infiltrator.Last movie featuring James Franco was Sausage Party and it was a huge hit on the box office.


Download Why Him 2016 Full Movie

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