Hunter Killer 2018 Full Movie Download Bluray 1080p

17 Jan

Hunter Killer 2018 Full Movie Download Bluray 1080p
Genre: Action, Thriller
Director: Donovan Marsh
Writers: Arne Schmidt , Jamie Moss
Stars: Linda Cardellini, Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman
Country: China
Language: English
Runtime: 121 min

Joe Glass (Gerard Butler) is a US submarine captain on a mission in Arctic, searching for missing American submarine USS Tampa Bay. Suddenly the world comes under the verge of World War 3, when renegade Kremlin generals kidnaps the Russian president. Joe along with selected Navy seals comes up with a plan to rescue the president. On their submarine, they set off for enemy waters that lie under thick ice of Barents Sea, north of Norway and Russia where no ship from the US has ever entered. One wrong step will escalate the war between US and Russia leading to third world war.

Story is based on a novel written by Commander of US Navy George Wallace and the journalist Don Keith. Hollywood action movie Hunter Killer download or watch for free in full length hd bluray 1080p quality usin single file openload links. English latest 2018 movies download online for free from hdmotionmovies.


Hunter Killer 2018 Full Movie Download Bluray 1080p

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