I Tonya 2017 Full Movie Free Download

15 Mar

I Tonya 2017 Full Movie Free DownloadI Tonya 2017 Full Movie Free Download

Genre: Biography, Drama, Sport
Director: Craig Gillespie
Original Title: I Tonya 2017 Full Movie Free Download
Writer: Steven Rogers
Stars: Margot Robbie, Bobby Cannavale, Sebastian Stan
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 119 min

Movie tells the story of famous US ice skater Tonya Harding. She started figure skating from childhood. She rises to fame with her rank in U.S Figure Skating Championships with the hand of her iron mther LaVona (Allison Janney). Tonya used to spend hours at skating field, getting ready for the championship. She becomes an aggressive woman and her behavior got her into trouble many times. Jury members also gave her less rankings due to her behavior. She was the first American girl to try three-pronged Axel. At her home, her husband did not care about him and one day Tonya receives a threatening letter just before her tournament. Decisions are made that will expose the biggest scandals of the 1990s. Margot Robbie is playing the role of Tonya Harding in the film.


I Tonya 2017 Full Movie Free Download

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