Import Export 2007 Full Movie Download

21 May

Import Export 2007 Full Movie DownloadGenre: Adult, Drama
Director: Ulrich Seidl
Writers: Veronika Franz, Ulrich Seidl
Stars: Ekateryna Rak, Lidiya Oleksandrivna Savka, Oksana Ivanivna Sklyarenko
Country: Austria
Language: German, English
Runtime: 141 min

Set in winters in Austria and Ukraine, Olga (Ekateryna Rak) is a young nurse and also mother, who travels from Ukraine to Austria in the search of better life for her children. She gets job as a household servant buts ends up as a cleaning lady in geriatrics. In the next story, we have Pauli, a young Austrian, who travel to Ukraine after losing his security guard job and ends up set up slot machines in Ukraine. Import Export is a story about sex, life, death, winners and losers.


Import Export 2007 Full Movie Download

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