Kaboom 2010 Full Free Movie Download

5 Mar

Kaboom 2010 Full Free Movie DownloadGenre: Comedy, Mystery, Romance
Director: Gregg Araki
Writer: Gregg Araki
Stars: Thomas Dekker, Haley Bennett, Chris Zylka
Country: USA
Language: English

Smith (Thomas Dekker), is a young high school boy, who thinks high school as a part of growing life. He is interested in two things, chatting with his best friend Stella (Haley Bennett), who is a sarcastic art student and second, dreaming about making love in his room. On the other hand, we have Thor (Chris Zylka), a surfer student who might be a gay. London blonde (Juno Temple) is what every one wants to make love to. Smith begins to worry, when one of his nightmare about a red-haired beauty and a red container comes true. Red-haired beauty wears an animal mask and brutally kills people. No one ever believes Smith as there was no clue about the murders. Stella agrees to help Smith in investigating the killings.


Kaboom 2010 Full Free Movie Download

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