Kings 2017 Full Movie Download

28 Jun

Kings 2017 Full Movie DownloadGenre: Crime, Drama, Romance
Director: Deniz Gamze Ergüven
Writer: Deniz Gamze Ergüven
Stars: Halle Berry, Daniel Craig, Lamar Johnson
Country: France
Language: English
Release Date: 27 April 2018 (USA)
Runtime: 92 min

Set in 1990s racial revolt of Los Angeles, that followed after court sentenced Rodney King to prison. Movie shows the after effects of the verdict on African American community living in the area. Riots continued for a week and Millie Dunbar (Halle Berry), a single mother, was there to help homeless children of all ages to get them to safe place. Her neighbor Obie (Daniel Craig) with whom she does not carries away well is the only white men living in the Area. With the beating of Rodney King by four Policemen, Millie and Obie must act as team to get through the city chaos.


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