Molly’s Game 2017 Full Movie Download

29 Mar

Molly's Game 2017 Full Movie DownloadMolly’s Game 2017 Full Movie Download

Genre: Biography, Drama
Director: Aaron Sorkin
Writers: Molly Bloom, Aaron Sorkin
Stars: Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Kevin Costner

Movie is inspired by the life of Molly Bloom. She was a Olympic-class skier who controls the world’s biggest stakes poker game. Molly used to host big poker games, where big stars and other rich people of the California participates. She becomes target of the FBI due to her involvement in this game business and her fast growing success.

As a child Molly (Jessica Chastain) was inspired to win by his father (Kevin Costner), weather at studies or at sports. She excelled in the field of skier but one failed jump breaks her bones. Molly was not able to continue her career as a Skier. She leaves Colorado and gets to California to work at office of Dean Keith (Jeremy Strong).

In addition with the office work, they used to host poker tournaments. All of the rich and famous people of Hollywood participate in these tournaments. Molly take care of the guests and other money related managements. Dean relasizes that Molly is making more money at the tournaments than at the office and agrees to not pay her further. Molly decides to start her own organization to host own poker tournaments. She gets huge success but later gets stuck between the Russian mafia, judges and lawyers.


Molly’s Game 2017 Full Movie Download

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