Download Prevenge 2016 Full Movie

28 Mar

Download Prevenge 2016 Full MovieDownload Prevenge 2016 Full Movie

Genre:Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Director: Alice Lowe
Writer: Alice Lowe
Stars: Gemma Whelan, Jo Hartley, Alice Lowe
Country: UK
Running Time: 88 min
Year: 2016

Prevenge is a movie about a pregnant and psychopathic woman Ruth (Alice Lowe) who is forced to kill people by her child inside her.She is pregnant with a seven month child and is widow, who is not interest, how her husband died while climbing a mountain.She is in feeling, that her baby is controlling her mind and is telling her to do weird things.Her doctor tells her that she is not under the control of her baby during her routine check up.At the same time she hear the voice of her unborn girl, who is telling her to kill the doctor.Ruth’s first victim is pet shop owner who is of pervert nature.Her next victim is a loser DJ and her killing game continuous to a woman named Ella (Kate Dickie).With time we get to know her single parenthood problems and reason for becoming a pregnant serial killer.


Download Prevenge 2016 Full Movie

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