Primal Rage 2018 Full Movie Download

1 May

Primal Rage 2018 Full Movie Download
Genre: Horror
Director: Patrick Magee
Writers: Jay Lee, Patrick Magee
Stars: Casey Gagliardi, Andrew Joseph Montgomery, Eloy Casados
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 27 February 2018 (USA)
Runtime: 106 min

Beautiful young girl Alex (Gagliardi) is taking back home his husband Max (Montgomery), who has been recently released from the prison. On their way back, their vehicle broke down in the dense Forrest in Pacific Northwest. They are attacked by a big creature known to be a bigfoot. They get help from unsavory locals and they must
fight together the Native American myth in the battle of life and death.


Primal Rage 2018 Full Movie Download

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