The Crash 2017 Full Movie Download

21 Jun

The Crash 2017 Full Movie DownloadGenre: Crime, Thriller
Director: Aram Rappaport
Writer: Aram Rappaport
Stars: Frank Grillo, Minnie Driver, AnnaSophia Robb
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 13 January 2017 (USA)
Runtime: 84 min

Set in the distant future, US economy is going trough another financial crises. Guy Clifton (Frank Grillo) is a stock trader indicted by FBI for using stocks against the US economy in the form of cyber-attacks. Government gave green signal to operation named ‘shadow stock exchange’, to get out of cyber-hijack situations. Guy Clifton main motive is the money but he uncovers the organization behind the attacks on US economy. He finally makes mind to do good thing and help the country in this difficult situation.


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