Traffik 2018 Full Free Movie Download

15 Jul

Traffik 2018 Full Free Movie DownloadGenre: Thriller
Director: Deon Taylor
Writer: Deon Taylor
Stars: Paula Patton, Missi Pyle, William Fichtner
Country: USA
Language: English

Journalist Brea (Paula Patton) and John (Omar Epps) is a beautiful lovable couple and has everything one can dream of. They decide to spend quality together away from the city and goes to spend a romantic weekend together in the mountains in their new car. On the way, when they stop at gas station in a small town, John meet few arrogant bikers and they had a fight. On the other hand, Brea meets a troubled lady in the washroom, who hides her phone inside Brea’s bag. Upon reaching their destination, couple finds the hidden phone and thinks the girl in the washroom need some kind of help, but things are not the way they seem as they saw girl on their doorsteps. She wants her phone back and whole gang is with her, who attacks the couple and their friends. Brea comes to know about the secret about the gang, who works as human traffickers and are smuggling young girls across the border. Traffik 2018 Full Free Movie Download or more 720p openload movies without using torrent from our website.


Traffik 2018 Full Free Movie Download

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