Vox Lux 2018 Full Movie Download

23 Feb

Vox Lux 2018 Full Movie DownloadVox Lux 2018 Full Movie Download
Genre: Drama, Music
Director: Brady Corbet
Writer: Brady Corbet
Stars: Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Christopher Abbott
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 110 min

On the first day at school after the holidays, a strange massacre occurs in the class of Mrs. Dwyer. Celeste (Raffey Cassidy) is the only surviving student because of luck and bad luck. On the event of funeral, she is given change to speak in memory of the deceased but instead choose to sing a song which she composed with her sister Ellie (Stacy Martin). Here she gets noticed by music producer (Jude Law) and offers her a career as a pop star.

Now in 2007, In 2007, Celeste (Natalie Portman) is also a famous pop star, who is also a drug addict and barely cares for her daughter Albertine (Raffey Cassidy). She is struggling with image problems. On the other hand, terrorist attack takes place in Croatia, where Celeste is starting her tour. Once again she is confronted by her dark past and has to decide whether to perform at the tour or not.




Vox Lux 2018 Full Movie Download

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