Wolf Warriors II 2017 Full Free Movie Download

5 Dec

Wolf Warriors II 2017 Full Free Movie Download Genre: Action, Drama, War
Director: Jing Wu
Writers: Qun Dong, Yan Gao
Stars: Jing Wu, Frank Grillo, Celina Jade
Country: China
Language: Mandarin, English, French
Runtime: 126 min

China’s deadliest special forces agent Leng Feng (Jing Wu), is living a peaceful life around the Sea in Africa. He is enjoying his life, but not for a long as he gets involved in brutal civil war. Enemy is targeting local civilians and killing them for various reasons. Leng need to get off from his vacation time and joins the duty again, so that he can revenge the killings. Town is attacked by soldiers wearing mask an Leng along with his other Chinese friends needs to evacuate the embassy and saving hundreds of lives. Our soldiers will fight local rebels, a group of American mercenary group headed by Big Daddy ( Frank Grillo) along with a highly-contagious and deadly plague. Wolf Warriors II is one of the highest earning Chinese movie this year. More most popular free movie download in full hd quality to watch at home from our website.


Wolf Warriors II 2017 Full Free Movie Download

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